Ukulele is fast becoming the first instrument for most people to pick up and learn. With less strings to worry about than a guitar, they're fun and you'll most likely be walking out of your first lesson able to strum a chord or two.

If you're a George Formby fan or you simply would like to learn to play Ukulele for your travels our Ukulele teachers offer the best tuition to suit your needs.

Meet Our Tutors!

We offer private one on one tuition with some of the best music teachers in Worcestershire and quite possibly the coolest tuition school in Worcester!

Zack Mitchell

Guitar, Bass, Ukulele Tuition

Rock, Blues, Funk

Zack, the newest member of our team, is a superb teacher who really knows his way around the fretboard. Specialising in rock, blues, and soul Zack has a huge depth of knowledge fit for any situation.

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Josh Hall

Guitar, Bass Tuition

Rock, Blues, Funk, Jazz

Josh is an immense asset to our team bringing an encyclopedia of guitar knowledge to the WGC table. If Josh doesn't know about it, it's probably not worth knowing. Josh is one of our teachers who teaches a wide variety of genres, spanning Jazz to funk to rock.

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Pete Mann

Guitar, Bass, Ukulele Tuition

Rock, Blues, Jazz, Classical

Pete is a seasoned pro player whose teaching style is influenced from many styles. He’s an accomplished classical guitarist who loves jazz, funk, soul and rock.

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Jon Hall

Guitar, Ukelele Tuition

Rock, Blues

Jon is an amazing guitar teacher who loves to pass on his talents to his students. Jon is a total guitar head who loves to play live so come along and try a session with Jon, you might be playing live soon too...

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Guitar, Ukulele, Vocals, Piano Tuition

Pop, Rock, Soul

Yasmin is an awesome teacher who specialises in working with children. She’s a talented guitarist, pianist and singer who loves everything musical…. Even musicals, which she often appears in!

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Ryan Lerigo-Jones

Drum Tuition

Rock, Blues, Jazz, Pop

Ryan is a soulful drummer who isn’t shy of a gig or two. He plays in several bands including the Marrs bar house band and local funksters ‘Lemonade’. Check him out live and you’ll understand why he’s our drum teacher.

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